B-fresh - Portable Toilets for Events

Excellent quality service, technological innovation, clean-cut designs and attention to detail are what makes B-fresh a leading company for event toilet hire. Forget about chemical toilets. B-fresh offers luxury air-conditioned, portable toilets, based on state-of-the-art technology that is energy efficient and suitable for both small events and large, with thousands of guests. With 20 years experience and professional know-how, we have developed quality, comfortable toilet stalls that are suited to the Israeli market.

Our Clients – From the President's House to Privately Owned Homes

Over the years we have built up a distinguished list of clients, including the President's house, government offices, public and private companies, municipalities and local authorities, banks and financial institutions, production and sales promotion companies, event organizers and private clients who hire portable restrooms for events taking place outside, even in their garden.

There are four excellent models to choose from:

• Basic model portable toilet stalls
• Classic model portable toilet cubicles
• Premium model portable restrooms
• Luxury portable restrooms, suitable for wheelchairs 
A highly professional service and maintenance expert remains on the premises throughout
the event, to ensure bathrooms are clean, aired and welcoming. B-fresh is also a leading
company in additional portable facilities for outdoor events that require special preparations.

Our Outdoor Units Include:

  • Portable Showers – Beautifully designed shower units with accessories
  • for using outdoors during a trip, an on-going event or while producing a film.
  • VIP Trailer – Designed as a compact portable suite, which can be used as a makeup and dressing room, production room or restroom with adjacent shower and toilet.

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E-mail: contact@b-fresh.co.il

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