The VIP Trailer

The VIP Trailer serves as a star-wagon, a wardrobe & make-up trailer, or production vehicle, as well as on location restrooms and on location showers. Our superior trailer for talents provides luxury and privacy and comes fully stocked and equipped.

The VIP Trailer – who it's for
-Movie productions, TV productions, and commercials
-Fashion Shows and photography sessions that require a place for make-up & change of clothes
-Artists who perform in parks or stadiums
-Promotions of sales, branding etc.
-Bride & Groom suite for outdoor weddings
One Trailer – 4 sections
The VIP Trailer by B-Fresh provides a wide variety of solutions for diverse needs. The trailer is divided into 4 practical sections: The first is a mini-office for work or meetings – there's a desk and couch that folds out to a double bed. The second section is used as a make-up room and it includes a barber's sink and 3 make-up stations facing lighted mirrors. The third section can be used as a wardrobe where clothes can be hung; the diner-style seating opens up into a bed. The fourth section is a fully equipped kitchenette including a counter, sink and mini-fridge.
The unique VIP Trailer has a fully equipped shower and toilet.
The comfort facilities have 2 entrances – there's a door within the trailer and one
outside that enables use of the restroom without disrupting the staff inside the trailer.
To top it all off, this VIP trailer is air-conditioned and has an LCD screen.
The VIP Trailer makes it easy to set up in any location
Driving the VIP Trailer to any location does not require any special logistics.
Setting up on location and operating the trailer is quick and easy.
The VIP Trailer can be hooked up to a generator (provided by us) and
does not require hook up to sewer and water infrastructures.
You can rest assured, we've thought of everything, down to the smallest detail.


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